PRO Safety is a professional glove manufacturer who focus on high quality and special purpose products.

We are not only an OEM company but a company who does product designing, technology development and also offer comprehensive solutions for industrial projects, MRO, DIY and retail chain sector.

We Know How And We Know More

We know how to deliver a right and good quality glove by product designing, selecting and controlling the raw materials, coating formulation, yarns wrapping and spinning, production control and etc.

We know what glove features that the end users probably want, how customers do on an industrial project (or a tender), how to design a new product for new projects, how to supply them and avoid possible stock shortage...

We can well understand the customer demand and know how to deliver good quality gloves.

Easier & More Efficient

Working with PRO Safety, you don't need to concern much about how to design a glove or a glove range to fulfil your customers' demand and cost, printing and packaging designing...

You just describe your demand and we will work out solutions for you.

Working with PRO Safety, you get works easier and more efficient.

We welcome you to test our products and our professionality.

More and more companies import gloves from Asia, they hope to build their own brands, increase their margin room and/or more independency.

To buy a cheap glove is not difficult, but more or most such glove products with a low quality and very ‘me-too’ design, even though their sale price is lower or much lower than the well-known high quality brands, the sales performance could still be not good. There might be quality complaints and their industrial projects could be easily replaced by other companies...

High quality well-known brands could charge very high prices, the margin room is lower and more transparent, the competition can be also fierce because of many distributors who offer the same branded gloves.

It is not easy to find a professional glove company who can offer a wide range of high quality gloves but at competitive prices, further professional enough to offer comprehensive solutions.

Who need PRO?
A market leader
If you are a market leader who wants to find new products and special technology to expand your product range and strengthen your leadership, you need PRO.
Importers demand high quality
If you have your own brands but the quality is not good with very 'me-too' design, difficult to compete with other high quality brands and competitors, you need PRO.
New player in glove business
If you are a big hardware or construction sale company (or others) who want to expand your business to gloves, you want a professional glove manufacturer who can deliver high quality gloves and offer comprehensive solutions, you need PRO.
Distributors but plan to import
If you are tired of being a distributor of a brand because of fierce competition, low and transparent margin or bad service, you want to have high quality gloves with your own brand, you need PRO.